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Gift Categories

Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, World Relief is ready to respond quickly and effectively to meet the immediate needs of those affected, as well as provide long-term solutions of ongoing development. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by being adequately prepared for disasters before they happen, and fully equipped to spring into action when they do.


In regions where cold winter weather will be arriving soon, owning a blanket can be the difference between life and death. Donate blankets to provide warmth and protection to children and adults vulnerable to the cold this winter season.

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Temporary Shelter Kit

Kit Shelter - Natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and the earthquake in Ecuador have left many families without a home, unprotected against the elements. Donate temporary shelter kits that provide families with tarps and household goods they'll need to survive.

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Emergency Food Supply

Failed crops have led to massive food shortages throughout Southern Africa. Many children are eating less than one meal a day. Donate to provide emergency food supplies, ensuring that children have enough to eat each day.

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Responding Where Most Needed

The most effective way for us to respond to a crisis is to be ready for it before it happens. Donate to provide World Relief with the resources that allow us to quickly respond whenever and wherever crises strike.

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Refugee & Immigration Services

When refugees and immigrants arrive to the U.S., World Relief not only welcomes them with open arms, but also provides every opportunity we can to help refugees as they begin their new lives here. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by providing refugees and immigrants with tangible items and services they need to quickly adjust to life in the U.S., as well as the ongoing programs they need to make the U.S. home.

Winter Gear

Most refugees arrive to the U.S. with few possessions. During winter months, they need items to deal with cold temperatures. Donate winter gear such as boots, coats, hats, and gloves, helping refugee families adapt quickly to their new environment.

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Employment Training and English Classes

When refugees flee their homes, they leave their careers behind as well. Refugees arriving in the U.S. need training in labor and language skills. Donate employment training and English classes, allowing refugees to find employment quickly and earn meaningful incomes.

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Legal Accreditation Training

Many immigrants in the U.S. need help navigating the legal system. World Relief's Immigrant Legal Support Network trains churches and individuals in their community, helping them gain accreditation to practice immigration law through the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals.

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Support a Refugee Family for a Month

It often takes refugees a month or more to find gainful employment. Donate to support a refugee family for one month, providing an economic bridge to a new season of life so families can thrive during their first month in the U.S. as they adjust to a new language, culture, and way of life.

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In the regions of the world where unrest and conflict are rooted in years of violence, World Relief and its partners provide programs that help communities grow in their capacity to protect one another and promote peace. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable at the grassroots level by training community members to lead themselves and thier neighbors towards unity, peace and conflict prevention.

Bibles for Pastors

Pastors in developing countries often lack access to one of the most basic items needed to help them lead their communities—Bibles. Donate Bibles to pastors in vulnerable regions, empowering them to help their congregations spiritually grow and thrive.

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Bikes for Pastors

Because roads in developing regions are sometimes impassable or non-existent, pastors rely upon bicycles to travel to the villages they serve. Donate bikes to help pastors reach people in remote communities.

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Trauma Counseling

For victims of sexual and gender-based violence, trauma counseling helps women begin to heal physically and emotionally. Donate to provide counseling led by women who are themselves survivors of violence.

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Village Peace Awareness Event

In conflict-prone regions, community members need to know how to address conflict and bring resolution. Donate to provide events that help communities spread the word about Village Peace Agents, empowering local leaders to be peacebuilders in their communities.

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Economic Development

For the 1.6 billion people in the world who lack the financial resources to meet their most basic needs, World Relief provides programs and services that empower the most vulnerable to realize their economice potential. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by partnering with local churches to provide opportunities for individuals and families to increase their ability to earn income save funds, and ensure a bright economic future for themselves and their communities.


Owning livestock can play a significant role in empowering individuals and communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Donate rabbits to families in rural, vulnerable regions of the world, providing meat for nutrition, manure for more effective farming, and livestock to sell for income.

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Savings for Life Starter Kit

Economic development is multiplied when increased earning is combined with strategic savings. Donate to provide Savings for Life training to those living in vulnerable regions, helping them leverage their resources, prepare for the future, and access economic tools.

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Owning a goat unlocks multiple opportunities for those living in vulnerable regions. Donate a goat to a family to use its milk to provide nutrition to children and sell their milk surplus for income to meet their daily needs.

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Solar Panels for Irrigation

In sub-Saharan Africa, the ability to pump water from nearby water sources can mean the difference between thriving crops, or no crops at all. Donate solar panels to provide a cost-effective way to generate the power needed for water pumps.

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Health & Child Development

In vulnerable regions around the world, World Relief provides families with access to quality healthcare and health education. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by providing programs that ensure that children are kept alive and healthy, and given every opportunity to thrive.


Cookware & Cooking Demonstration

Families in vulnerable regions often lack the tools necessary to cook safe, nutritious meals, allowing malnutrition and food-borne disease to run rampant. Donate cookware and training, empowering parents to provide the safest and most nutritious meals possible to their children.

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Mother's Care Group Training

Children in vulnerable regions often struggle to survive because parents lack access to information. Donate to provide “Alive at 5” Care Groups— small groups that educate mothers on practices that prevent disease and help children reach their 5th birthday.

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Leader Resources for Kids Clubs

Refugee children don't just lose their homes, they often lose their ability to simply be a child. Donate to provide the resources volunteer teachers need to conduct Kids Clubs in the Middle East, providing safe spaces for displaced children to learn, grow, and play.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention Workshop

In regions where HIV/AIDS continues to devastate communities, education and marital counseling are powerful tools in disease prevention. Donate to provide HIV/AIDS workshops to couples, giving them health information and relational support that dramatically reduces spread of the disease.

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Hope for the Most Vulnerable

Around the world, World Relief stands with the vulnerable, partnering with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transforming lives, and building sustainable communities. The gifts below increase World Relief's capacity to stand with the vulnerable by providing resources to regions where funds are most needed. Your donation, combined with the expertise we have gained during more than 70 years of aid and development work, gives World Relief the ability to not only meet the immediate needs of the vulnerable, but also develop holistic systems and programs that transform once-vulnerable regions into thriving communities.

Give Hope to Children

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Give Hope Shop™ ?

Give Hope Shop™  offers a way to shop differently while giving hope to those in need. Support World Relief and its work around the world by purchasing the best gifts money can buy—food, shelter, peace, and opportunity. These representational items can be donated as a gift to someone you love, offering a gift that’s perfect for the giver, the recipient, and someone in need. 

Can you tell me more about giving a gift that’s representational?

This year’s Give Hope Shop™ features representational gifts, which are symbolic of the goods and services offered by World Relief. Your giving ensures the sustainability of our work that benefits millions of vulnerable men, women and children across the globe annually.

I’ve picked an item as part of my holiday shopping. How can I let my loved one know that I gave this gift in his/her honor?

Each item featured by Give Hope Shop™ comes with a downloadable card that’s easy to print and wrap! Show your family and friends that as a gift to them, you’re giving hope to others. 

I’d like to spread the word about Give Hope Shop™, and share with my community group, friends, or congregation. What can I do? 

We’d love your help in spreading hope! Start by sharing Give Hope Shop™ on Facebook and Twitter, using #GiveHopeShop. Printed catalogs featuring the entire Give Hope Shop™ selection are also available upon request. Email us at, and we’ll happily send some your way. 

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